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Dear Friends,

I first discovered Gabby Bernstein through one of her inspirational and empowering videos. With big, open eyes she leaned close to the camera and said in a fierce voice: If a book falls off the shelf in your office, even that has significance. I thought, "Wait - really?" I felt skeptical. I mean, what about Sigmund Freud: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, right?

DSC_1833That was almost two years ago, before I was deep in the throes of launching a feminine-power based company. The more immersed I became in developing Emerging Women, the more I noticed special synchronicities, surprise connections, and creative collisions with the universe, all directing me in taking action and making decisions for EW.

When I am in tune with my feminine power of receiving, I see these signs more clearly, more frequently and with more trusting eyes. I am amazed at the feeling of ease that comes when I'm navigating with this sign-minded compass. Now I strive to be in constant communication with the universe - it's so important to the process and unfolding of Emerging Women as a platform and a movement for women's empowerment. 

The more I pay attention, the more I am able to engage with what is coming next, and welllll.... let's just say that miracles DO happen!

Chantal Round
Big love,

Chantal Pierrat

Founder, Emerging Women



LISTEN: Gabrielle Bernstein - Leading with Purpose and Presence

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