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7 Surprising Signs You’re Ready To Join the Feminine Leadership Revolution

Sitting in my cubicle I heard an HR professional yelling at someone, down the hall, through her closed door. I could make out every word. This was early on in my career and I wasn’t quite sure what to think. As I looked around the office everyone pretended not to hear this inappropriate conversation.

But I’ve never been the kind to go quietly into the night, so later I went into my boss’s office and asked, “Why can’t we treat each other with respect?”

I’m not suggesting that we ignore difficult conversations -- I’m talking about being compassionate in the process. Why can’t we be both respectful to others and powerful business women who can conquer big challenges?

Ultimately the response I got was that I was being too idealistic.

I disagreed back then and I disagree today! The world will be saved by women who are too idealistic, who embrace their truth, and who make a conscious choice to stand for their values.

This is the vision I hold for Feminine Leaders. More and more women are waking up to themselves. They are unplugging from the societal norms and expectations of who they should be. They are standing stalwart in their convictions and becoming beacons of love.

There is a revolution underway in Corporate America. A revolution of Feminine Leadership that starts from the ground up. Here are seven surprising signs you are ready to join the Feminine Leadership revolution.


1) You honor your Hell No!

We can feel a hell no in our bodies, and yet so often we just push through it. Sometimes we are so afraid of disappointing someone else or not living up to our expectations that we commit to things we don’t really want to do.

But Feminine Leaders know it is their responsibility to set strong boundaries. Whether it’s telling your boss that you can’t work late or letting your partner know that the relationship is no longer serving you. Women who are standing in their feminine energy know it’s OK to say no. They trust that saying no will open the door for the next yes.


2) You are idealistic

Idealists are true believers in the biggest possibilities. Holding a vision of hope, love, and oneness is necessary in a world where we are often confronted with so much loss, tragedy, and suffering. When you hold your values near and dear you are more likely to inspire others to step into their greatness. Your idealistic perspective is what propels you forward everyday, encouraging you to take the next step in your own evolution.


3) No box can contain you. No single label becomes you.

In the corporate world people always tell you to “Think outside the box.” But more often than not, when you do, you are told to get back into your box. I was fortunate to work in a growing company where I regularly stepped outside my box. It was one of the driving forces behind my success. But I also let work become my worth. My job title was me. Until I ignited my feminine energy and realized there is no single label that could ever define me, whether that’s the title of mom or CEO.


4) You know success = sisterhood

I never really believed that saying, “It’s lonely at the top” until I was at the top. There were very few people who truly understood the challenges I faced. It was hard to know who to trust and who to steer clear of. No wonder so many women feel burnt out and overwhelmed.

When I was honest with my female coworkers about my struggles I created a more powerful sisterhood that become my support system. Society teaches us that leaders should be independent but feminine leaders recognize the need for community and connectedness.


5) You’ve always been the “Good Girl”

So many women have learned to wear the good girl persona as a badge of honor. They want to be seen as likeable, nice, honest and always humble. I used to tell my team that I was the “white sheep” in my family. The problem is that being the good girl meant I was more focused on pleasing others, than taking care of myself. It quickly earned me the title of “Fastest to Burn Out.”

Once the good girl realizes that her strategy to please everyone else is no longer working she’s ready to throw the rule book right out the window. And that’s a requirement for Feminine Leaders who are paving a new path. It’s not always easy to stand for a new way of doing things but it’s the most rewarding journey there is.


6) You’re a life long learner

Whether you are a leader of one (yourself) or a leader of thousands you know you can only take others as far as you are willing to go. When you show up to events like Emerging Women, when you buy another personal development book, or when you ask others for feedback you are committing yourself to a life of continual evolution.

This doesn’t mean you are trying to fix anything, because Feminine Leaders accept all parts of themselves. It means you get so excited by the idea of shedding one more layer of your unconscious patterning so you can revel in your own magnificence.


7) You’re already on the consciousness train

Remember in the Matrix when Morpheus said to Neo, “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

For example, when you start meditating, going to yoga, and surrounding yourself with a community of cheerleaders, you are already becoming a more conscious person. You have taken the red pill and you can’t go back. Once you awaken to the truth of your inner strength you feel compelled to continue down the rabbit hole of transformation.


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