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Hold on to your badassery hats, Feministas, because I've got BIG news.

Have you ever wished that the magic of an Emerging Women Live weekend could be parceled up and doled out to you throughout the whole year? Not only the words of wisdom, but the interviews, the practices, the coaching, and the real connection with women who know just what you're going through?

Well I am thrilled to announce... that we are officially launching... the Emerging Women Leadership Platform (*ta-da!)... and we need your help.

Become a Founding Member today and join our mission to increase women's leadership worldwide. If Emerging Women has touched you in any way, please consider becoming a Founding Member. You are the core of this movement and we can't do it without you - and the next 30 days are critical! Just start your free trial for an Annual Membership today to receive Founding Member status after 30 days (prestige and bonus gifts will abound, see more below).

What will you receive? This beautiful platform is so loaded with juicy content I don't even know how to fit it in one email. But I'm going to try...

The Benefits of Belonging


Power Boosts are 45 minute webinars hosted by the leaders in all things feminine power. Tosha Silver, Wokie Nwabueze, Sera Beak, Tara Mohr. Yes. Click here for topics and dates - you're going to want to block out some me-time for these interactive sessions. Plus, each Power Boost ends with Q&A and spot coaching!

Read all about our next Power Boost with Sera Beak and save your seat HERE.



I personally facilitate these live virtual Circle Ups to explore a new leadership and feminine power theme each month. Then participants will be placed into small groups for sharing and feedback using the unique Emerging Women Power Circle process. Join me on May 10th for Grace and Grit - I can't wait for this one.



Think of this like a peer mentoring session with a group of strategically-minded, impact-oriented conscious leaders. Got a problem? Bring it to the Swarm and leverage our collective intelligence to find your way through with grace and grit. Register for the May Swarm HERE.



Our Resources section is filled with events, practices, and one-on-one video interviews with the women who blow our minds. Every time.


power_practice_premium copy.png


That's right! We'll be offering on-demand classes so you can level up, personally and professionally, at your own pace. Be the first to know when they launch by activating your Annual membership now.


How to Become a Founding Member

Sign up for an ANNUAL EMERGING WOMEN MEMBERSHIP. When your FREE TRIAL is over and your card has been charged, you're officially a Founding Member.

Know that we couldn't have done it without your support. Both your inspiration and action have helped us grow into the nourishing and thriving community we are today. Here's how we'd like to thank you for helping us launch a dream that's been years in the making:

  • a year's worth of deep, real interviews, practices, and events
  • "Live the Truth of Who You Are" t-shirt
  • Emerging Women reusable tote
  • your name on our website
  • your name in lights at Emerging Women Live 2017
  • a portion of your annual fee will go to support the changemakers at World Pulse

More Exciting Opportunities for Founding Members

Featured Founding Member

We're lining up a beautiful Founding Member blog series where we want to highlight the core members of our community. We'd like to spotlight what you're doing in the world, plus anything you'd like to share, from game changing leadership to inspiration to cautionary tales. This is the article-version of Emerging Women Live, and we want to hear from you!

Pitch us a Power Boost or a Circle Up

Take the reigns and lead an hour-long live webinar for members around the feminine leadership topic that's hot for you right now. More of a hard skills type? Bring your acumen to the table to support women with Q&As around your area of expertise. You can watch the archives of Wokie Nwabueze's or Tosha Silver's recent Power Boosts for inspiration.

Guest Blogger

Going forward, the Emerging Women blog will be accepting submissions from Members ONLY. These articles will be highlighted in our social media feeds, in our member communications, and in our popular weekly newsletters.

The Emerging Women Leadership Platform is a collaborative community, and I want you there as a co-creator. The deadline for Founding Memberships is April 30th, so JOIN NOW. Remember, you need to subscribe at the Annual level to receive Founding Member status.

Vicki Saunders SheEO Emerging Women

I am SO looking forward to this new adventure with you, Feminista. Thank you for being part of the most fierce and fabulous community of women I've ever had the honor to know.

Chantal PierratBig Love,

Chantal Pierrat | Founder, Emerging Women


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